Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem)

Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem)

Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem) was established on 2000 under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University.

acem has been offering Bachelor level academic program on Electronics and Communication ( 88 Seats ), Civil  (120 Seats) and Computer Engineering (88 Seats) since last seven years and Electrical Engineering (40 Seats)  from 2010.

We are proud to announce that our graduates are doing very well in national and international corporate organization and graduate academic program in national and international universities.

  • Produce professionally competent, technically sound, proactive and ethical leaders who can manage the global workforce having diversified work groups with high adaptations to various cultures in all.
  • Set acem ways of educational vibe to establish oneself world class institution through continuing education, faculty and staff development and corporate research and consultancy.
  • Develop long term relations with other national and international educational institutions, corporate, research organizations, government and non-governmental organizations to foster broad range of self motivated learning environment.

BE. CIvil

BE. Civil

BE Computer

BE COmputer

BE Electronics

BE Electronics

BE Electrical

BE Electrical

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