Gateway College for Professional Studies

Gateway College for Professional Studies

Gateway College for Professional Studies (GATEWAY) is the professional institution established in the year 2009 has been offering BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) course targeting the career oriented students to acquire skill, knowledge and attitude as required by the ever changing business environment. Observing the need of short term vocational course allowing students o enter the industry with required knowledge and skill and further taking a fast track study approach to join a bachelor degree abroad, Gateway has introduced Diploma in Hospitality Management (ADHM) from the year 2017. The primary purpose of GATEWAY is to promote the highest professional standards of education in the field of management studies. We benefit the students, faculty members, & entire industry being a bridge in professional career development and improvement of industry standards. We believe in inculcating proper attitude, developing skills, sharing knowledge as required by the ever growing and dynamic industry. “GATEWAY has the international aspect and level of hospitality business study and exposure, combined with the practical side of on campus & off campus training that not many of hotel school can provide.”
It is my pleasure to welcome you to Gateway College of Professional Studies. It is a great place “to be” in many ways. An excellent and dynamic learning environment, committed and experienced faculty with the blend of industry and academic experience make GATEWAY a centre of excellence for building a great career. At GATEWAY you will not just get an academic certificate of excellence but also learn to handle issues effectively, tackle difficult, complex problems - by probing, analyzing and working together as an effective team, in addition to acquire skills required by the industry. The courses at GATEWAY is rewarding and transforming for our students as our goal is to create an environment where students learn what it feels like to exercise judgments, make decisions, and take responsibility. I hereby invite you to be a part of Gateway and be sure you are never the same again.

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