Established in 1995, KIST  is one of the preferred academic institutions among students for +2 Bachelors and Masters level programs. KIST College offers offers high standard NEB +2 Science & Management courses, a range of top quality Bachelor’s degrees – BBA, BIM, BIT, BBS & BSc Microbiology – followed by  Master’s degrees – MBS & MSc Microbiology.

KIST is well-known to most educators and students along with their families that the college's educational delivery, at the different levels it cover, is as good as the best anywhere! This is due to its dedicated, expert faculty and their unique learning-teaching. Also, the college believes in student intake interlinked to academic excellence. Its ideal education yields top results in key examinations.

 KIST incontestably has a fine academic atmosphere with a pragmatic, student-centered, caring approach. First-rate amenities on campus plus well-managed transport facilities attract the best students. Also, a cafeteria, and separate boys' and girls' hostels are available at this centrally-located campus. Regular, quick public transport is always available a few hundred yards away

It provides superb facilities such as modern, well-stocked library with a useful adjunct, an e-library, serving all learning needs, and probably the best well-equipped laboratories. Notably, this institution has a purpose-built, well-engineered, and safe infrastructure so that everything on the campus reinforces student education and their overall development.

KIST College, although situated downtown, exudes peace and positivity with its pleasant and peaceful premises next to the salubrious large pond Kamalpokhari. It has a spacious property most suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Ample opportunities for extracurricular or co-curricular activities or events are available so that students have a happy campus life.

 Above all, remarkable is the College ethos for all it does to transform students at all levels: +2, Bachelor's, and Master's. It ensures these goals through pastoral care, academic & career counseling, and the nurturing of academic skills alongside life-skills. KIST is a highly successful motivator for furthering your educational or career objectives and life goals.


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Dear Students,

 It gives us great delight to welcome you to KIST , top  college in Nepal.

 The College has a perfect teaching-learning environment where our faculty focuses on course content, instills subject knowledge, and develops conceptual understanding. Individualized instruction fosters study and problem-solving skills leading to academic excellence.

We transform our students into confident learners and assured  achievers with a passion for  professional competence, lifelong  learning, and personal growth. Choosing where to study after high school is a major decision. If you wish to do well in life, KIST is a  choice you will treasure!

Our accomplished graduates invariably leave this institution fully  prepared for higher studies. KIST alumni normally get top placements,  scholarships, or jobs, and successfully play leading roles in whichever  walk of life they choose as dynamic global citizens.

Exciting times are certainly ahead of all of us! And I hope you too  decide to be part of the continuing, unstoppable success of this  leading institution . . .

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